Help required locating parts

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Help required locating parts

Post by kiwi »

Just wondering if a sticky thread could be created for any website based ordering comapnies that supplies BX parts?
Other than GSF its the only one I know would be good if some of the Aussie memebrs could help out as well, kind getting fed up paying OTT prices.
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Post by medwaycitroen »

We use ECP (Euro Car Parts)

On the whole, they're cheap and have a fairly good selection.

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Post by BX Bandit »


not used either so don't know what they are like, although a bloke at AEP was pretty helpful when I was speaking to him.
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Post by Jaba »

These too...

Never used them but they seem to be another source.
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Post by kermit the frog »

Well done guy's
Those three websites along with GSF gives a pretty good range of part's at less than Le"CITROEN" prices.
Should be able to keep the BX alive for a few more years. :D
Need to check which is the cheapest on some items.

Regards Kermit :)
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Post by Clogzz »

would be good if some of the Aussie members could help out as well
Mentions of a 'Caravelle Imports' of Melbourne here:

This one in Sydney:

Auto France 6 Lambs Road Artarmon NSW 2064
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email: autofrance at bigpond dot com

There’s a very good second-hand parts merchant in Adelaide.
Can’t remember his name, but he's often mentioned on Aussiefrogs Forum.
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