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Thank you this has been interesting and helpful. Chris I wondered when you would pop in.David you are quite right I am slower than I was but the 'red mist' does appear now and then when I get the hump.
As the first move the rear wheel bearings will be changed because despite the fact that they are long lived and I can feel no play this is where most if not all the noise is.( and I have a set.) After Christmas then tires.
Cheers and a Happy Christmas and New year to you all.
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I wouldnt worry about driving style, if the weather turns nasty rubbish tyres have less grip in the wet, so if you had to stop quickly that could mean the difference between avoiding or having an accident. Same as in the dry, imagine something suddenly darting out in front of you & you had to steer sharply to avoid, cruddy tyres will offer less grip.

So even if you drive like a sunday driver, it still makes sense to get decent tyres, by that i dont mean expensive one's either.

I agree, if you are driving quickly & are on the limit, the difference in tyres is very noticeable as opposed to just tootling about. But i hope the above examples are reason enough not to skimp & get some useless tyres, afterall they are one of the most important part of a car & seem to be one of the most missed areas of safety.

Next door neighbour just recently bought a 2nd hand Astra, its got 150bhp & the 2 rear tyres are different & dont match the fronts, theres no way i would be happy driving that in wet conditions, anything could happen with different tread patterns etc....

I got 4 vredsteins for £120, i dont think thats expensive at all, they are excellent in the dry & are superb in the wet, what more do you need??

I accept everyone has their own favourite tyres & will probably say exactly the same virtues that i have mentioned, however, how many of people bother to do any research into them & just continue shelling out for expensive tyres that are worse performers than cheaper rubber?

I do quite like michelins (got xt1's) however, they are pretty average in the wet, & lets face it we live in a country that seems to be pissing down with rain more often than not. I tend to therefore go for tyres that have a slight trade off in dry weather performance, but have good wet weather performance...

Currently using Debica Frigo winter tyres that are superb in the wet weather, i was easily the fastest car on the M1 recently, everyone else in their low profile (most likely worn out tyres) had to go slowly otherwise they would be aquaplaning.

Oh, if this reads like i'm having a go at anyone i apologise in advance as thats not my intention, i just get a bit frustrated when people dont take the seriousness of decent tyres into account....the brand name means nothing to me, its tyre performance & price thats my driving force....

The only problem now is trying to work out which are the best tyres as there are literally hundreds to choose from, all this choice makes life a bit more difficult....

Good luck with your decision, i get mine from mytyres & then get them fitted by a local tyre place.....

Hope to get the mini tyres changed tomorrow, now they are expensive these bleeding runflats, only needed the 4 of em......

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I've had all manner of different tyres on all manner of different vehicles, from cars to lorries..

For the BX, Uniroyal Rallye 550's. Quiet, long lived (even when abused to hell and back as I tend to), unbelievable in the wet and not too expensive. Nuff said....again...

BTW David.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'd never use Michies again ever. Had a brand new one explode on the back of the TD (like 3 hours old). If I'd been in a non hydraulic car, I'd have been dead.
The quality of the Michelin commercial tyres seems to be crap these days too.
So much so the comapny are now using anything but Michelins...
That said, I will be using Michelin X tyres on the coach, but only because I cant get anything else.
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I have these chaps on the back of the valver. Bridestone Potenza RE 720. Not tried them on the front yet. Reviews are very good and at the price here for a 195/60 R14 H well worth a try. ... quete=AUTO shows some results. From what I've experienced with them, noise levels are good and I wouldn't hesitate to buy 2 more for the valver and a set of 4 for the TD.

Always a matter of personal taste tho'! Good luck.
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I'm on my fifth BX and have always fitted Michelins, the latest acqusition, a '94 BX17 TZD Turbo Estate has fairly new Tigars fitted all round, so I'll keep them for a bit. But, they are noisier than the Michelins, they dont grip as well, either in the dry or the wet. So I'll stick to the Michelins when I replace them.

I've been driving Citroens for 30 years, and have had all kinds of Michelins fitted, from early Pilote on a 2CV to the modern Energy on the '93 BX 19TXD Estate. All in all I must have driven over 300,000 miles on Michelins without any problems. So, needless to say I'd recommend them.