Harequin BX.

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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Ian_Fearn wrote:There you go again Billy, bashing VW's again!

I have to say that my little VW Caddy is one of the most useful and fun vehicles i've ever had. Who'd have thought 1.6 litres of non turbo diesel lump could give you such a grin :D
I bet it's great Ian but unfortunately that doesn't detract from my experience of Polos going rusty. There was a comment (not from me) saying there doesn't seem to be many left on the road now to which I responded. I pointed out to someone very recently (on a non-Vauxhall forum) that there's not many Mk2 Astras or Mk2 Cavaliers on the road now either because they went rusty too, does that make me a Vauxhall basher? Ps even Tim said the Harlequin was a stupid idea! I'm sure VW make some very good cars and they do have a hell of a following but just because my experience of them isn't good doesn't mean they're all bad. The Sharan TDi I had was a good case in point. 412,000 miles and still pulled like a train, can't argue with that! A mate of mine is after a Caddy because he'll only ever have VWs and I can see the sort of ruggedness and charm of them, especially the diesels.
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tim leech wrote:The harlequin Polos were a stupid Idea, ............. noone bought them surprisingly enough!
VW were jumping on the bandwagon .......trying to copy the 2CV [Dolly].
Fortunately,the first time around .........PJ Boulanger had the hindsight to destroy/hide all traces of his "peoples car" before a certain Austrian Corporal got ambitions rather above his ability.
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