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When I was growing up my family ran GS and GSA models and in 1987 when I passed my test the family car was a GSA Special and I just loved it -inboard discs upfront twin choke weber carb :twisted:
Anyhow over the years my family kept with citroen having several BXs but I never really paif them much attention until I was looking for a new car in the early 90s and liking the proper size car rather than hatchbacks my bro suggested test driving a BX 16v after I had looked at a 405 SRi need;ess to say once the revs hit 4k the car was sold :twisted:
A BX should just not perform the way a 16v does and that's why I ended up having another.
You should of heard what the BMW 750 owners were saying after one of their members was dispatched twice at Santa POd :twisted:

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