BX Obs FEB 08

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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BX Obs FEB 08

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B307 JMY, 19GT, grey - Colchester, Essex. Last on road in 2005, but still extant. Mk 1 example with small orange front indicators.
F573 TNO, RD Turbo Diesel, white - Sible Hedingham, Essex.
J65 EYB, TZD Turbo, black - West Bridgford, Notts.
J149 WWC, 16 TGS Meteor, silver - seen A12, Kelvedon, Essex.

Also of interest:
C585 JBV, CX 25 Pallas IE, dark red - Colchester, Essex.

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