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mat_fenwick wrote:Photo (hopefully) below, thought I had one somewhere...

Billy .... Estate + Sheet Steel + Welder = Van :wink:

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That's what I told him Marty!
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tim leech

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mat_fenwick wrote:
MULLEY wrote:Is that me in the boot?
Surely you should know? :)

And is that Philip Chidlow there on the right?
Yes mulley and yes that indeed is our very own Mr Chidlow.

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Not me! I don't have a shirt like that :lol:

Nice van, isn't it though!
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Billy, there was a van for sale on here a while back http://bxclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php ... highlight=

Chances of finding one in France are nil as they weren't sold there to my knowledge. However, from information I have they may have been sold in Finland and some other Scandinavian country aswell as in Ireland where mine is from.

As yet I have yet to see any evidence of an actual left hand drive vehicles except for prototypes and publicity vehicles. I must check the facts and write another reply when I find out!

As for values, the same as any other BX really. All depends on condition and work required. Any vehicle still in Ireland (Eire) will probably seem expensive to us due to the higher value of secondhand (and cost of new) vehicles out there.

If you find a nice one in white for me I may part with the silver one....

Which reminds me, I must get it fixed!

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Many thanks Justin, will pass that on.
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