Bosch pump vs Bio Diesel

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Bosch pump vs Bio Diesel

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I know this is a recurring theme ( along with which alloys fit the BX) but I was just by Bosch this morning in pursuit of a seal set for my pump which has an intermittant leak. The Bosch man looked at it and shook his head then said : you've been using Bio diesel.
Well, I gave it up a few months ago but seems the damage is done. I'm sure that others have used it without problem but he said it's not a good idea and it's a common cause of seal failures.
We went inside and looked up the price of a new pump - a mere €1500! I'll take two mate. Luckily I bought a re-con one which is lying in Uk unfortunately because of high postage to here. So I drip until I can get it over.
Just wanted to let people know the Bosch opinion of bio fuels for the BX type pumps. Ok, it's an old pump etc. but he had no doubt that I had assisted its decline ( as well as rainforest clearance etc.)
Still, mustn't grumble :D

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Thanks for that toddao, it's interesting to know.
Did he say anything about cooking veg oil ?

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Bio fuel

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Bio fuel only really suitable for injection pumps with neoprene seals from what i have seen.

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I've already mentioned about my dire experiences with bio, utter yellow piss thats all i'll say on that, never again. Back to the proper stuff, with veg oil, no problems....