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I actually find that they look much better without the covers on. The covers just make for a "plastic" look while without the covers it really looks like some neat machinery. The look of those black alloys reminds me of those old fashioned cast iron machines. Really cool.

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- One black leather headrest.
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The covers are made from Aluminium but if anyone wants a plastic look why not go for real plastic ones? :D



The top one's are full size for real cars! But to make the other ones fit your BX would have to be a Scalextric slot-car! Apparently the people who make these - Slot Italia - take their wheels very seriously
For non-abrasive tracks surfaces such as, Carrera, Scalextric Sport, Scalextric Classic, and SCX. Provides more consistent grip than Silicones on a dusty track.

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They're 106 GTi alloys for the record :lol:
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