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toddao wrote:Image
Now that really is something rather special indeed, I'd probably fall about the floor dribbling if I saw 1 of these in the flesh on the road let alone a car park full of them!

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Heuliez has its main production plant on the outskirts of the town.


That shot was taken on the D744 on the left side of the plant.

Don't know why this is interesting really :roll:
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Aerial shot of the Heuliez facility - now we are getting really deep! :D

There is certainly something very poignant about that yard full of 4TCs - I expect those that are left are nicely tucked away in collectors' garages or inside those air-conditioned cocoons! ( Clima- Lounge?)


P.S Cerizay is twinned with Chipping Ongar in Essex! Also, reading up on Heuliez just now, turns out they're currently being protected from creditors after the failure of the Opel Tigra which they fully produced. They also make peugeot 206 retractable hard-tops!

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