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I wrote:New door seals needed now though; I've got an annoying drip on my knee in rain, which happens every now and again in Wales!
Never rush into a job I say - I've *just* replaced all the door seals now the weather is really turning. I've got a fan heater and dehumidifier in there now, as the sound insulation under the rear seat had soaked up a fair bit.

I should find out fairly shortly if it's now weathertight!

Bit of bad news last Friday as I came out of work and got in the car to see a girl coming quickly across the car park towards me. Strangely, the first thing she said to me was "Oh, so it's your car?!" Hmmm, maybe she's a massive BX fan I thought, but no, she then explained that she'd caught my bumper while trying to leave her parking space :(


She'd actually been back into work afterwards to try and find out who owned it, but I'd already left the building by that point. Fortunately the only new damage was the bumper strip, which I ordered from Chevronics earlier this week. Job done!


The scrapes were old damage from before I bought the car - I suppose I could have made out she'd done them too and asked her to cough up for a replacement bumper, but she'd done the decent thing by owning up so it wouldn't have been right.

Next job is changing the tyres, as winter is well and truly on the way. First dusting of snow this morning, but my new tyres still haven't arrived. I've gone for some all-season ones this time as now I'm not doing mega miles a year (down from 20k to around 5k) I'll probably just leave them on all year round. Maxxis AP2 if anyone has any feedback. (Although I hope it's good as they're on the way!)


They look like they should have reasonable grip in light off-roading too, which is always useful :)

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Post by Kitch »

See, house prices are lower in Wales, but then you have to keep faffing around buying different tyres each time it goes cold, so your savings often go out the window.

Everyone slags off living down south, but I can use the same tyres all year round lol!
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Kitch wrote:Everyone slags off living down south, but I can use the same tyres all year round lol!
Well, not quite everyone, Rich. Apart from the aforementioned lack of tyre changes, we're closer to the channel ports and there's plenty of decent ale - what's not to like?
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