Old member back with a tzd ebay gamble

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Old member back with a tzd ebay gamble

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Hi all, a couple of years ago i had to say goodbye to my 1.7 txd, and goodbye to the bx forum, had a few different cars since then all of them petrol. I have been wanting a diesel car for a while what with the running costs of petrol cars. Then last weekend my eyes fell upon a J reg 1.7 tzd taxed and tested, metallic blue described as good for age, after a couple of emails to seller and a good think me and the wife decided i should hit the button, so i gambled and crossed my fingers that it would pay off. So last monday its delivered, hmm dont look too sad, sounds quite healthy so i parted with my money and looked forward to seeing less petrol garages and a healthy fuel guage, i took it for a quick run plenty of power but hard front spheres, no heater blower, oh well ive dealt with these before so not to worry. Next morning a flat battery greets me, jolly decent of the fella to stick a naff battery on it before selling it, lucky i got a nice big battery sitting on my old morris cowley, problem solved. I cured the heater blower turned out to be a dodgy spade terminal, i just won a new set of spheres for £5.50 off the bay. I also wondered why the previous owner had routed the breather pipe down by the front crossmember, it doesn't appear to breath so i put it where i thought it should go, on the air filter box. The only other thing i found is a patch of rust near the exhaust bracket, i kinda guessed it would have a prob in that area, just as well i can weld really. The car has a bit of smoke during warming up and giving it a boot full but ive seen a lot worse. I did email the seller the other night saying about the few probs ive encountered and that honesty would have been nice, yes you guessed it no reply! Oh well i needed a diesel and i know the bx tzd is normally quite bulletproof, i regret getting rid of my first ever tzd, we covered 22000 miles in 18 months with no real problems and fantastic fuel economy, where are you now k855jmv. I will sort this new addition into a nice car, the rear wheels are wonderfully straight, nice to have one with good radius arm bearings. Well lets see how long i can stick around this time :)
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BX seems to be a recognised addiction! Welcome back! :D
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