What would be your ideal spec. BX?

Anything about BXs
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mnde wrote:I find myself wondering what a Mk1 BX would be like with a proper Citroen flat four aircooled engine.... :lol: :oops:

Believe it or not I know a guy from Dundee who fitted a GSA lump into a BX, but gave up and scrapped it at the messing about with exhausts phase. Apparently it was fairly straight forward as the G driveshafts fitted without any bodgery. I wasn't terribly interested, as I've always considered the BX to be available with the finest engine known to man as standard (the venerable XUD...)
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jonathan_dyane wrote:...gave up and scrapped it at the messing about with exhausts phase.
Which is actually fair enough.

Anyone who's worked on a G exhaust will know what I mean :(

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Red tizzydee estate on Michelins, aircon, tgd leather in grey, fully rebuilt.
Like the last one.

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Re: What would be your ideal spec. BX?

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docchevron1472 wrote:I know of a 4x4 1.9 estate for sale for not alot right now if you're interested.
If I was single (or had no intention of remaining attached to my testicles for more than 5 minutes after I brought it home) I would be after it like a shot. Very tempting but I think mine is reasonably close to my ideal spec - I find it difficult to choose between TD or 16v performance as it depends on my mood. I had wondered about the 2.1TD (bigger is ALWAYS better) with the 4x4 system as I have heard of one 1.7TD 4x4 being built, although I understand that space was erm, 'tight' round the back of the block.

Now what about a second engine in the boot? One 16v, one turbodiesel. That way you could have the best of both worlds and have 4wd. Or am I just being silly now? (Saw a nice Alfa 164 once with 2 V6 engines, mmmmmmmmmm).

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My ideal BX?
My own '92 tzd ........only brand new,and without all the dents,rust,leaks and tempremental electrics.
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Terry Brooks wrote:My ideal BX?
My own '92 tzd ........only brand new,and without all the dents,rust,leaks and tempremental electrics.
I'm with you 100% on that, Tel! :D

My own Monica (TXD 17TD), fresh from the factory, would be ideal.
Only modifications I would like would be: Air, Black or Cream Leather, Electric Rears, and maybe a "6-speaker" setup (FF).

Rust, dings, leaks, bad earths, leaky sunroofs, could all be gladly omitted!


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Ideal BX ?

In these times of ever increasing fuel costs, how about a mk2 Bx with the 1400 timing belt engine, suitably modified (higher compression and harder valves and seats) to allow permant running on LPG using a sequential injection kit.

Hence reduced road fund tax, reduced fuel costs, and since the car would almost be unmodified, minimal if any insurance implications either.