ROME by mk1 BX 19TRD!

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This weeks BX legend
This weeks BX legend
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ROME by mk1 BX 19TRD!

Post by ren16tx »

I think most of you know of/seen my MK1 BX19 TRD,a maroon C reg LHD car, this car was originaly sold in Rome, knowing my DS would not be ready,what better car to take but my italian BX?!!
After a full service,cleaned up the Alloy wheels she was ready for the off!
we set off two weeks ago,crossing Dover-Dunkique,driving straight to Rochefort,in Belgium for the 60th anv of the 2CV,we managed to take the BX on the large 2cv convoy! but the BX was lagly ignored by most of the 2cvers!! (obviuosly not true citroen enthusiasts!)
From Belgium,we headed south,through Luxembourg,Germany and the black forrest,switszerland,leichinstein, 5 minutes in Austria! and into Italy
we took the BX to Florence and Pisa,then to the ICCCR,what a cracking event! although BX's and G's were abit thin on the ground,DS,tractions and 2CV's were everywhere!
the BX realy enjoyed her self! "racing" around the race track,wearing out her horn,and glaring her yellow headlamps at everyone!!
with some Dutch friends in convoy with their Marhari, we headed on a driving tour of the sites of Rome!! well, you have to,don't you! as it was, we had no traffic problems in Rome! with onlookers,we photographed the 2 cars outside key places, without being moved on!
Before leaving Italy, we headed south, to Pompai,a fasinating place,but so hot!! we tried driving up the Volcano,but the pass was shut,due to road collasps,
Heading out of Italy,towards the Mont Blanc tunnel,the BX started making some strange noises,like a loose cambelt pulley,we carried on through the tunnel, into France,stopped at a couple of citroen garages who were too busy! but suprised why we were driving such an old citoen! some 60 km into France,we came into a town as the Alternator "siezed up"! at least we knew the problem now!
it was still daylight,removing the fan belt, we drove some 150km to Macon,to a scrapyard we knew off,and a local hotel,arriving without hitch, we had been to this srapyard before, too many interesting cars to metion!! but peugeot 504's in double figures gives you an idea! (good cars, not scrap)
A replacement Alternater fitted, a good replacement MK1 front bumper and indicators,all for 70 euros!
We returned back to the UK yesterday,with no further probs!
We spotted many BX's, but did not see one MK1 BX, anywhere,the BX is still seen as an old banger,even mk1's,if you can find one,which is a worry,will there be any mk1's left soon??
overall,we did some 3000 miles or so,in confort,trouble free excluding the alternater,we even slept in the BX!
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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

To paraphrase another erstwhile member...

I find your lack of pictures disturbing :lol:

sounds like a great trip Chris!
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Post by Jaba »

Yeah !
What a brilliant story. An elderly BX being used with confidence to make a long journey into deepest Italy.

The BX is disappearing fast. It has never been regarded as a true classic even though it was not a clone of its contemporaries and had/has the unique hydraulics.
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Post by nstarmore »

sounds like a brilliant trip, wish I could've gone but then it probably wouldn't have been half as interesting in a '95 Xantia. I'd love a mk1 but aside from prising one from your hands it would be hard to find one they seem to be all but non existant now (I can't remember the last time I saw one in the metal) and I don't have the space either, shame.

Also, where are these pictures you speak of? Get 'em posted :D

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Post by toddao »

Well done Chris! Sounds like a great run. Judging by your route, you passed our front door - Black Forest/Switzerland.
Yes, lets have some photos then!

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Post by Aerodynamica »

Great Chris, the BX is a worthy car for the task - odd the 2CVers ignored it - mind you some of them are 'funny' that way...

I'm still looking for a Mk 1 BX.
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Post by Jayboy »

Another mystery solved!

Wondered who's BX that was at Rochefort - didn't see you there Chris!
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