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Tim Leech
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Post by Tim Leech »

Indeed a very sad loss. :cry:
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Post by tom »

I'm sad to hear of Alan's passing. He was a forthright but kindly man and a good engineer. His help, wisdom and humour will all be remembered.

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Post by Clogzz »

Tragic news, that I had feared for some time.

It was Alan’s kindness and helpfulness that made me stay with the various boards.
When I first read of all those cars with problems, I didn’t want to watch any forum any more, thinking that my car, that had nothing wrong with it, would become like that too.
It was Alan’s replies to my first posts that convinced me that we were in the very best of hands.

What I admired most was his fearlessness; such as hopping into automatic transmissions, that we were supposed to think were the preserve of secretive ‘specialists’.

He leaves an enormous legacy, that his family can be very proud of.

Rest in peace, Alan … heaven is the place made up of Citroëns. :)
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Post by Way2go »

A great loss to his family, the forum communities and Citroen as well. :(

My thoughts and best wishes are extended to his family and his memory at this sad time.
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kermit the frog
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Post by kermit the frog »

R,I,P Alan S

Indeed a very sad loss to all
But great men don't pass they become inspirations to others that follow.
And Alan was an inspiration to us all here on the forum

My Sincere sympathy goes to his family and friends.

Best wishes Phil Boxall (Kermit)
ALAN S an oracle of knowledge sadly missed by us all RIP Mate
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mike st gilles
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Post by mike st gilles »

My thoughts for his family, didn't know Alan personally but he had helped me enormously when I had problems with the FCF.......... Always willing to give advice when sought, even over the most obscure or trivial matter....hope there's a few Cits up there he can now start fettlin'.
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Alan S

Post by Toddman »

R.I.P. Alan
I am genuinely gutted to hear this news and my heart goes out to Alans family.
The worldwide Citroen community has lost a truly great character and dedicated engineer, Alans humour and knowledge will be sorely missed.

Please call me Luke :)
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Post by jonathan_dyane »

Just found this thread, and I'm really gutted to hear of Alan's passing.

What can I say other than that the many forums he participated in will have lost a talented and generous engineer and diagnostician.

Sincere condolences to Alan's family and friends.
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Post by Kitch »

I can only echo what everyone has said. Helped me a few times over the years, nothing I could do in return as he was always 3 steps ahead!

A great loss.
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Post by Jaba »

Alan was a pioneer in many ways. He took to the car forums like a duck to water and through the years dispensed help and advice to many hundreds of people worldwide.
He was indeed the king of the forums. Never one to give a short quick reply he often expanded his posts with a complete and thorough reply and also contributed the write ups of his sagas with long running problems all with humorous asides too.
I still shudder at the memory of his description of the unwelcome snakes who visited his workshop.

I found him kind, generous and helpful both on the forums and when I made a trip to Queensland a couple of years back. He set a standard, by his example, that I wish I was able to even partly equal.

I hope that the admins of all the many forums he frequented will always keep good backups. All that knowledge now only exists in Alan's writings and postings. We do not want to lose them in some system crash.

Thanks for everything mate.
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Alan S

Post by pindimar »

Very sad news indeed which I have only just heard. Alan was amazing the way he had all the time in the world to help with information and advice for anybody wanting assistance.

He helped me with very valuable information on a number of accasions and it is hard to believe that he has gone.

Vale Alan

Greg F

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Post by kiwi »

I think enough people can echo the words of loss, Alans words of wisdom to a fellow pom and BX owner on the otherside of the world all be it the otherside of the ditch were a great comfort to a lonely BX owner as I was then.

Going to miss his advice.
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Post by Bazza »

I too send my condolences to his Family and friends. Very sad indeed.
Every time I have those niggling feelings about the Autoboxes on my fleet of BX's, I will think of this great bloke and the time he spent, over and over for new Forum members, in stressing those most important rules. DX2 only please. !!!

I will miss his posts and I hope he was allowed to go with the dignity that we all deserve, after such a full and helpful life. Go well Alan.
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Post by cavmad »

Apologies for having only just found this thread. My sincere condolonces to his family and RIP Alan.
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