Hurricane's TZD Hurricane

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Re: Hurricane's TZD Hurricane

Post by Hurricane »

Does anyone know what trim our Hurricane has along the doors? Is it a 16v one?

Other BX's all look different to ours, the Hurricane one looks bigger.

If it's a certain non standard door it's gonna' be hard to find. :| Leo's got a good one for us but it wouldn't match the rest of the car. #-o
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Re: Hurricane's TZD Hurricane

Post by mat_fenwick »

I think the trim is the same profile as the 16v, but the doors are all the same. So if your trim is savable, just swap that over.

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Re: Hurricane's TZD Hurricane

Post by Paul296 »

The trim is the same profile as the ph2 16v and the 16TGS Athena had it too. It's mastic'd into the cavity and very difficult to remove - but not impossible.