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citrojim wrote:
kermit the frog wrote: Didnt know chelmsford had moved for christmas. :?
Ahh, shhhhhh. That was supposed to remain a closely guarded secret until the new year.

In order to resolve the old North South divide, the government has had a shuffle of counties. Yorkshire for instance will move to where Cornwall, Devon and Somerset currently are, and as Phil has already let slip, Essex and Shropshire have changed places. Northumberland and Buckinghamshire have swapped over and Oakham in Rutland is to become the new political capital of England. The former Houses of Parliament in London are to be converted into social housing.

I could go on but it's more than my job's worth...
I did hear a rumour that Yorkshire has been swapped with Beirut, but as nobody would know the difference it's hard to tell :P
Cheshire is staying put, but we don't want any of those Mockney ruffians with their jellied eels, 'bish bosh' and Ford Capris on our doorstep so the proposed swap of Shropshire for Essex is now on hold.
We'll fight them on the beeches. And on the oak trees come to that!
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That's a relief! I like my rainbows in colour here - and we don't eat babies here (homage to Alexi Sayle)... :lol:
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