The first post of 2009

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well, it was my first post of 2009 anyway! :D

Nice train set there Marty. I had The Flying Scotsman I think but always wanted the 125.



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ed4ferrets wrote: Oi Phil, I beat Jim to it on your blog .... 12:01 to be precise :wink: :lol:
Quite correct Ed :D I would have posted sooner but was watching a thread on the FCF that had a post made into it at exactly 00:00 :lol:

Somewhere in the dark depths of the attic I have a train set of the Australian "Ghan" train that runs between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin.

One day I would love to ride the real thing...

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toddao wrote:

Have you got an APT125? The one that was meant to tilt. Or are you more of a steam guy?
I do indeed have an APT and just like your ebay seller, mine's in the loft, but mine's still in it's boxes after our move last year. :( Not really a steam person, I just about missed that era. :)
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ed4ferrets wrote:
Philip Chidlow wrote: Citrojim got in there before you, I'm afraid... posted at 12:12 - on my blog no less 8)
Oi Phil, I beat Jim to it on your blog .... 12:01 to be precise :wink: :lol:
Must've been not quite as sober as I thought! :oops:
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And a BIG Happy New Year from me as well.
This new leap second is making me feel jetlagged :lol:.

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