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Matt H
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I got a parking ticket once. Parked in the Kettering council car park and simply forgot to pay. Used it loads of times before and always bought the ticket, but it simply didn't register that time. I actually went back to pay when I suddenly realised, but 22 minutes was too long. Was tempted to appeal, as the guy had written "Citreon" on the ticket :lol:

Was it fair? I don't know to be honest. It was my fault undoubtedly. Simply a £40 lesson in not being so forgetful.

Now I just go to Wellingborough instead, parking there is still free. Who's the real loser I wonder?
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Mike E (uk)
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Well, I have certainly paid 'my dues' over the years.

...and we are not talking about just an extra 20p for parking around here.

The level of enforcement is so high for parking misdemeanours, but very low for the crimes that cause people real stress.

I was very unimpressed when I needed the police recently, couldn't even answer the phone. Plenty of parking officers in the town though.

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