My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by Paul296 »

saintjamesy89 wrote:
Looks like that Rio red in your post Paul. Was that a colour available on a BX?
No. DS/ID and SM '68 - '73. Looks like I'll never be owning a car in that colour then! :(
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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by mds141 »

Never, say never, Paul.
Mark Smith

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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by saintjamesy89 »

Lovely looking 14 that mike! Think it's the lovely colour, the coachline stripe and the TZ whel trims :D
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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by citsncycles »

It was - I didn't really want to sell it, but I couldn't justify keeping both it and the GS, and I wasn't prepared to sell that! At least it went to a good home, and is currently the subject of a restoration that'll hopefully keep it on the road for years to come :D
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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by TizzyD »

After much searching, I've found the paint code, EKVoR
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Re: My '93 TZD Turbo (pic heavy)

Post by RxBX »

TizzyD wrote:After much searching, I've found the paint code, EKVoR
Ah ! Well done =D>

I've just checked out 'EKV' on the very comprehensive/best (IMHO) 'Glasurit' COLOUR-ONLINE selector chart :wink:

Which comes back as 'ROUGE OPERA' = UK spec. 'Morello' then ! Just like (Neil1) below !
RxBX wrote:......................
Here's another members BX which according to MK2 'paint chip' paint selection also looks like its a 'Delage Red' too :-
Roverman wrote:Image
Albeit the owner states it another colour 'Morello Red' :?
Neil1 wrote:The white one is my 1988 16RE, which I bought in 1998, and the other is a 1992 TGD in Morello Red, which I was given a decade later! Both lovely cars to drive.
So maybe only Dean's TZD Turbo, which was (As it's long gone to meet its maker :( ) was in 'Delage Red' and possibly another one which Tim got the 'Zenith' interior from the scrapped BX @ WHM ?