Kierans Mk1 BX 19RD

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Re: Kierans Mk1 BX 19RD

Post by kieran.l »

Hello, I hope everyone is well. Been a while since I’ve been here.
BX is still going well. Had it 10 years now and just of 10k put on the clock.

Looking for a small bit of help. Is it possible to test if the cooling fan is working? Was out last week and we thought the engine got quite hot. Got the distinctive heating smell, but the fan didn’t appear to come on. Would like to check if the fan is still working.

Thank you!


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Re: Kierans Mk1 BX 19RD

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Nice to see you back mate, pop on over to the FB page too , which is quite busy.

My 19GT did the same, it was a wiring issue on the connector, easily fixed.

You can also fit a manual override switch
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Re: Kierans Mk1 BX 19RD

Post by rutter123 »

My advice at the mo would be to fit a temp gauge, don't rely on the "lamps of death"
The cooling fan switch is mounted at base of radiator and the wiring is prone to corrosion, clean it all up and test by short circuiting the connector blovk or check the fan works by hooking it difect to battery.
Don't risk overheating or your engine is toast.
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