Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by citsncycles »

I'm pretty sure the '89 estate I had used wing nuts, and the '90 hatch definately did.

Of course, if you go back even further, the MK1's are completely different :wink:
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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by Tinkley »

My 14RE from April 88 had star washers - ugh. Right pig getting the right hand one off and back on through all the wiring. My Athenas have the later and much better plastic wing nuts.

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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by mat_fenwick »

I only found out by accident (although I've just noticed it's already mentioned in this thread) on a car in a scrapyard. Can't remember how old it was but I tried to remove the binnacle, felt that it wasn't the usual wing nuts and moved on to the next BX in the yard. Those were the days...

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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by TizzyD »

This might be an odd question, but on the my spare pod it still has all the blue circuit stuff on the back, is there a way of feeding a current through it and getting it to light up without it being plugged into the cars loom ?

Edit:After playing with a fist full of blue LEDs I ordered in error and a 9v battery across the right terminals at the top I made this work.

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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by Willy »

Backtracking, which are the correct bulbs I need to illuminate the dash? I mean the backlighter ones.

I found these on ebay - ... 4611c32fb8" onclick=";return false;

Are they correct? And do I need to get them in green or is the filter in the dash itself?


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Re: Fitting GTi gauges to a diesel (inc. Peugeot 205 gauges)

Post by MULLEY »

I've purchased the instrument bulbs from this company, a lot cheaper than your link :) ... 1497.l2649" onclick=";return false;
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Re: pug 205 gti dash clocks into a bx tzd turbo

Post by Rc00047 »

smiffy1071 wrote:
rutter123 wrote:hi all i have obtained (for free) a pug 205 gti instrument panel, can i fit this in place of my tzd cluster? due to it having the temp gauge fitted. also will the rev counter work tho these are from a petrol engine? can i use the oil temp gauge as well? wiring advice appreciated if it is a viable swap,
To swap the petrol rev counter for a diesel one, follow the dis-assembley instructions above, then undo the two 5mm headed bolts on top and bottom of the rev counter. turn over, and twist out this connector clockwise, and push through the instrument body.


Cant remember if there are any other small bolts on the underside, but if so they are easy to get at.
Hi. Do someone have ha picture of Hall sensor stick that picks the rpm signal? I have changen to 1.7 td, but i missing many sticks in my engine bay.
I have diesel donor rev counter.
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