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Post by AndersDK »

No peeps - Not to go on the sphere !
- to counteract on the cylinder :idea:
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

I finally tackled Tim Leech's GTi tonight. I got them off but one was seriously stuck in place even after the intial movement. It was stiff right till the very last thread.

Managed it though with Tim sat in the boot with the car on ramps.

Thats now one lovely looking and riding BX.
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Post by Baldbazza »

Well done! Knew you could do it :D :D :D
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Post by citroen7 »

bought this little chappie on flea bay tried it out this evening and it is excellent all for under £20! Chain Wrench 300mm x 38mm (160003700230)
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Post by charlie »

i had the same problem once...

but i got pissed off trying so it was down to my friendly local citroen man and £15 quid later he had them both off.......

big wrench and lots of heat via oxi/set torch.....

the colour is....
guiness white..........