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My £42 TZD had the best heater in any bx, it works properly! which amazes me as in 11 cars only 1 has worked to it full extent!
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I did the blower mod to my TZD yesterday - for the first time I can hear the high speed relay click in and the blower really moves the air! I'm not concerned with heating here (it was +30C yesterday), but with a non-A/C car, need the blower to move the outside air to at least help cool down the interior - which it now does. Interestingly, my 16V that had A/C did not have the variable speed fan control, it had definite clicks for low, medium, fast and 'very fast' and had the two blower setup. I've got the whole A/C system from my 16V parts car, so might stick the second blower into the TZD and wire it into the main blower harness - that will provide even more air flow.
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