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Stewart - got a couple knocked up by an on line sticker making place I found off eBay (I was in a hurry and couldnt be arsed finding anyone better). They are a little disappointing in so much as they are the wrong typeface, despite submitting some very detailed artwork and specifications. They also cost about £5 each including the postage.

Got some other stickers knocked up for evaluation as something we could offer (at cost price) to others through the web site - but they too were disappointing (read shite). There is a screen print place literally across the road from me, but as its only open office hours (and I work office hours these days) getting there is a slight problem. Was also toying with the "I want to BXclusive" stickers Citroen produced in the 80's. Mind you if you have seen the back of my Xantia you would undestand my fettish with bits of sticky backed plastic.

Now I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, I wanna chrome BX badge like Mr. B's to go with my chrome Citroen badging (see top pic).

Edit: - The company I used is called Sign Works Express.
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Marty We need to find somewhere that does a decent job, make up our minds about what we want and get a batch knocked up, I suppose WWW. BXclub.co.uk and a graphic or something like that.
I suppose we should agree on the graphic image first.
Vanny, have your exams finished yet? Is the red thing drivable? how was the froggy car show?

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That's why SWMBO shaved it off: I did wonder :lol: :lol: :lol: