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Philip Chidlow
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Re: Talking B____X

Post by Philip Chidlow » Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:52 pm

It's been a while, so I thought I'd bring you up to date on how the Hurricane is following its exertions in France.

It ran very well, although, at altitude (we're talking 3,500' up to as high as we went, nearly 7,000') the lack of oxygen meant not all fuel was being burnt so it was quite sooty under load. Although the car has had a relatively easy life over the past several years, I really pushed the car to its limits. It responded well and loosened up nicely. The poor old wheel bearings though... front o/s needed replacing halfway round and the o/s rear is well grumbly so that's going to be done too along with both the n/s ones.

Here's the list for the Spring...

As mentioned; New O/S front wheel bearing fitted (SKF part).
Tracking done.

To do:
Replace N/S front wheel bearing (SKF part available).
Replace both rear hub/bearings (QH parts available).
Stainless steel fixing screws are replacing the old ones all round.
Replace rear calipers and pads (Xantia ones and EBC pads available).
Replace rear discs (and dust covers possibly, but this is tbc).

Replace O/S caliper (have Bendix part available) if any issues with handbrake (slack return spring).
Poss fit new front flexis and new HP brake pipes both sides. If so, locate and fit new N/S caliper* -Tricky!
Fit new Purflux fuel filter (might as well, I have a new one here).

Touch up paint on door and on alloy. (Some paint came off the door - and I might go the whole hog and get the door repainted)
Mop and polish plus interior valet.
Repair small hole in rear passenger footwell floor (non-structural).

Rev counter intermittent - investigate (and live with it probably!).
Warning lights issue addressed but need expansion tank sensor plug - eventually.

So that's enough to be getting one with.
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Tim Leech
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Re: Talking B____X

Post by Tim Leech » Fri Nov 15, 2019 2:53 pm

Glad to have you back Phil
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1K Away
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Re: Talking B____X

Post by Jaba » Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:38 am

Thanks for the update Phil. I wondered how you all got on.
I am surprised by your comments about running at altitude because with a turbo I imagined that this would compensate for the thinner air. My petrol GTi certainly struggles for performance over the cols but my modern turbo diesel is not affected at all.

I am sure all BX owners have a list like yours of things to do. I too have a rolling list of waiting jobs and I know some of them will never be done.
Here is my current one from my BX spreadsheet going back to last year:

Check tank outlet filter
Mod spare throttle housing
RLH light leak? done 2.19
Dash rattle LHS + RHS
SQUEAKS RH xxxx see below
LH driveshaft seal done 10.18
Pump belt tensioner change done 6.09
Comp check ???
A/C belt done 6.19
Fit a/c chargingValve
Aircon regas
LHindDashBulb done 10.08
clutchCableSqueak done 10.18
Sunroof adjust
waterLeakRearSeat 9.18 tubes cleaned
Seal inletManifold done 10.18
Bleed rear brakes done 7.19
swap injectors
weld rhboot side done 6.19
LH steering gaiter done 7.19
fix interior lights 2.19
replace rad temp switch done 11.18
WeldSilencer done 2.19
PR leak done 11.19
xxxx FRH suspension noise
petrol smell
Accumulator done 9.19
Battery/alternator done 9.19
Front LH air deflector on brake caliper
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Philip Chidlow
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Re: Talking B____X

Post by Philip Chidlow » Wed Nov 20, 2019 3:16 pm

Well, a combination of driving hard and altitude seems to have caused sootiness as, when back closer to sea level it was much less sooty even with the foot to the floor. However it might be a sign of overfuelling? in which case the new Bosch injectors could be fitted replacing the old, original Lucas ones. But having said that the car's going well. And there was very little sign of smoke or soot before I went away.
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Re: Talking B____X

Post by vulgalour » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:02 pm

Air is thinner at altitude so that's going to make it run richer, since you'll have more fuel to your air mix, I would expect. So back at regular altitude, the sootiness would clear up and your fuel-air mixture would be more normal.