MoT for another year

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MoT for another year

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We have a ticket for another year. Failed initially on handbrake cable, CV gaiter and ball joint. Unfortunately my mother was here, which meant I had to pay a garage to do it. SWMBO will gladly put on overalls and get stuck in, but I didn't think it was fair to ask Mum to do the same :D

I'm quite reassured too that these are all wear parts, and nothing structural.

Good. Onwards and upwards!
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Not too bad a list then Oscar, were you lucky enough to have all of the faults on the same side of the car?
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Can I mention it on here, even if it's for an XM.

I'm really pleased as the car has covered 10,000 miles since last MOT without any expense. OK I spent rather a lot on it in order to get it on the road last year after it's 18 month rest, and I did buy a pair of new driveshafts to fit in readiness for the test, but as they were the wrong ones, they went back for a credit.

Whilst looking at the car during it long lay up at the auctions and seeing how some idiot had partly dismantled the engine compartment and the cockpit with wires and plugs hanging out everywhere, even I thought it unlikely the car would ever run again.

Could do to have a look at the heater as recently it only blows if you select full speed. Knowing me I'll probably wait till it packs up altogether.