The Maiden Voyage

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The Maiden Voyage

Post by Vanny »

Finally after god knows how many days she is back on the road! God knows how long for this time, but i have been on a maiden voyage of some 21normal miles, and thought i would give you a vague mile by mile tale of the adventure!

Mile 1 - On the way to the garage, realise i only have two bolts in each wheel and i MIGHT have forgotten to tighten the other ones! Oh well, onto the garage!
Mile 1.5 - Arrive at the garage, half the pumps are out of service, eventually get ot one and put some fresh juice in her! The girl at the till then proceeds to knock her cup of coffee all over herself, which had only just been made!
Mile 3 - Back to the garage for bolts, mother laughed at me :(
Mile 5 - brown pants time as an old 3 series Landy doesn't look like it's going to stop.
Mile 5.5 - Bloody clutch just isnt right, doesnt seem to have any travel to it, yet doesnt seem to want to let me change gears, having to drive the thing like a Transit and swim for gears (NB xantia Pull clutch!)
Mile 8 - clutch pedal has developed a REALLY annoying squeak
Mile 11 - pedal box is loose! Knew i should have tightened the bolts up when i was looking at them, probably the cause of the rapidly gaining in annoyance squeak
Mile 15 - Made it through the tunnel :D
Mile 17 - 306 Sedan driver really wanting to get a good look at the car, driving all over the place, lost at the lights in a puddle of smog!
Mile 21 - Got to ASDA, nice well lit and clean carpark, stop for five minutes and check for leaks, NONE :D Then the bugger wouldn't start! Seems to be a low powered battery, REALLY hope that its just low on juice and not the THIRD alternator playing up!
Mile 22 - Home!

Tomorrow the journey really starts, going to high wycombe and lincoln, my god i need a miracle, and to fit a million little things :D Wish me luck!

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Post by Stinkwheel »

sounds like you might need it vanny :-)

I thought it was only me that undertook huge journeys with moments to spare after mecganical work and almost no test miles.

I went to scotland last year after Id changed the engine the weekend before!!
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Post by cavmad »

Best of luck Vanny but don`t break down on the M6 on the way home as all the recovery services will be busy :lol:
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Are you sure its finished :?:
:D :D
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test drive

Post by Toddman »

Good luck mate :D
There will be a nice cup of tea and a collection of BXs for you to play with as your reward for a completed journey :P

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