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Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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Mr B wrote: ... dZViewItem

These should do it for a start........ :twisted:
Too dear methinks, check out these cheapos. Brand new for £120 at the most. 14" mean cheaper tyres too. I`ll bet he still has a few sets. Was going to get some for my BX but that`s defo on the back burner now.


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jonkw wrote:Oddly, I did send Marty an email this morning, offering my advice that he should purchase a Zx 19D N/A. :?
A nice set of Girling Turbo D/Volcane calipers will bolt straight up, no more than an hours work to do. Discs as "cheap as chips" as well.
Coincidence? Weird - been stuck in the depths of Fleetwood all day today - then got mightily lost looking for the farm this car was located at in Catforth.

An hours work he says.... Ha! This is me we are talking about Jon - multiply by your phone number and thats about right!

Mmmmm, nice red piping....
(apologies for the soft focus - was getting excited) :roll:


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Wobily winder windows ( no motors topack up), no central locking (no remote fobs to break), No sunshine roof (nothing to leak or rust) but does have PAS and colour coded bumpers, oh all right they are black plastic.

Ahhh, Bum - another thing it doesnt have is the sliding rear seat. Hmmm retro fiting here I come (did they ever get a leather interior???)

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they did get leather interior, certainly the 16v spec had them. If you find one then you better buy a lottery ticket at the same time!

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I think the non-sliding back seat folds away properly like a BX one rather than just the backrest folding down.


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Vanny wrote:they did get leather interior, certainly the 16v spec had them. If you find one then you better buy a lottery ticket at the same time!
Only trouble there is that 16v was a 3dr only, not sure if 3drs had the sliding rear seat? Saw a Volcane 5dr ages ago with black leather on autotrader but think they are very rare, also was told that the option was dropped for the '94 facelift??? not that that matters as yours is pre facelift.

Well done Marty, I've had my ZX for 5 years now (since passed my test) and had (fingers crossed, touch wood) no problems whatsoever :D
Although it needs a through service. They handle beautifully and have almost BX like levels of ride comfort.
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