How many miles...

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How many miles...

Post by mat_fenwick »

...does your BX do in a year? I do about 25k miles in total (although a fifth of that are in the Discovery and the van) so have been clocking up the miles at a fair old rate. Now I have the Focus for the winter months commuting I'll probably only be doing 12k or so in the BX, but it struck me that probably a fair few people in the club only use their BX as a limited mileage car so do even less. Are daily drivers now in the minority?

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Re: How many miles...

Post by Mothman »

Ime afraid i dont do many miles in mine Mat as i have to split it all between them. I tend to do more in the Turbo, around 3k in the last 12 months and a few hundreds in the rest. However both Gloria and Sophie will have had a few trips to Looe this year so they will have a few more miles on them. Dont take the MK 1s out during the winter if there is ice about as they are allergic to salt from the gritters.


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Re: How many miles...

Post by Kitch »

I currently use the estate daily, but it's still only managed 400ish miles since it came back on the road as I only work 4miles from home! I don't drive it any further afield as I still haven't done the cambelt and I'm worried it'll snap - got no breakdown cover either so I'd be stuck!

Was using the 16v as a daily last year for a time....took it from 117k to 120k I think.
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Re: How many miles...

Post by citsncycles »

I've done about 10k in Timex since buying it, but in the last year I've also done a couple of thousand in the GS, 1500 on the Baby Vara, 500 by Pashley and 400 by bus!

Apart from the 02 plate Vara, Timex is the most modern motor I own, with the GS being the daily driver before that. Next year I'm expecting to do a few more miles in the GS, and to hopefully put my '73 Dyane back on the road, So Timex will be doing a lot less miles, and recieving some much needed work.

One thing I have noticed is that with the rising cost of living (not just fuel), I'm travelling a lot less - my total annual mileage used to be close to 20k, but I just can't afford to do it all now.
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Re: How many miles...

Post by Tinkley »

Usually I've been doing 10-12k in mine. In the past anywhere from 2.5 -25k per year (motorcycle for commuting) so its been a bit variable. Last year about 9k year before about 11.5k. Its my only vehicle so it has to work, have moved 1800 bricks etc, at times. My current insurance limit is 12k pa, though I can shift that. As said above, don't believe the inflation rate, the cost of living is much higher so I have deliberately cut down on mileage.
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Re: How many miles...

Post by B-Hive »

Its funny you should ask, because on my way home today..I was pondering just that, given the continuing faithful service of the GT..

She's my daily driver and I have averaged about 25000 km a year, without a murmur...I guess its her way of thanking me from saving her from the cubist...

These km's include a share of long distance,, whether to sydney (300km) or to Brisbane (1300km)

So yes.. daily driver to the max...I probably do more km than required as I enjoy the drive so much..
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Re: How many miles...

Post by Tim Leech »

Not many, although the GT has done 3000 this year alone....which is more than I normally do collectivly.

may start doing a bit more now.
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Re: How many miles...

Post by rutter123 »

ive done about 100,000 miles in the tzdt over the last 7 years or so as its been an everyday driver, always tend to use the tzd for longer journeys as opposed to the wifes 206, with several trips up to East Kilbride, and down to Cornwall on many occasions, and most recently Alton Towers. has done about 3500 miles since its mot in april. covered about 5k in the tgd over winter whilst the tzd was off the road having surgery. on average 1000/1200 miles a month clocked up on the tzdt, and now showing early signs of turbo problems.
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Re: How many miles...

Post by Dollywobbler »

I rarely keep a car long enough to work out the annual mileage! TZD has done just over 2000 miles since March, which isn't bad for a car I'm always lambasting for being broken. Mind you, 800 miles of that was covered in one weekend. As I work from home, my commute is even shorter than Kitch's, so it's hard to call any of my cars a daily driver. I do try and take it in turns but I don't jump so readily into the TZD as I did into the TXD.

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Re: How many miles...

Post by JayW »

Athena: about 3k in the year ive had it. Has done a 5 mile loop round town once a week for the last couple of months as i'm usually in the Hairdressers Cabrio.

Reminds me, i should probably sell the Athena on to someone who'd get some use/enjoyment from it. It's just had NEW everything!
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Re: How many miles...

Post by TheOtter »

I've only just bought my first BX, but it's going to be my daily driver for at least the next year, so it'll probably get about another 10k miles put on it. My previous daily was my classic Mini, and that wasn't too accepting of having another 30,000 miles put on it in just 3 years! I'm expecting the BX to be a bit more willing of higher mileages.

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Re: How many miles...

Post by MULLEY »

My txd is a daily, i've been doing roughly 12k+ a year since owning it, so mileage has gone up from 79k to 162k, not bad for a car which cost £260 in 2007 :)
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Re: How many miles...

Post by Jaba »

Interesting. This has made me look up my spreadsheets going back to the nineties where I calculate that I have done 442,000 miles behind the wheel of a BX since since 1992.
Up to now they have been my daily drive. But I am doing only 10 to 15k miles pa now that I no longer commute to work.

Despite the hiccups during the BXagon and the BX Challenge I have only had two breakdowns in all that time where the car had to be recovered. Once when a clutch failed at 140k miles and once when an alternator failed at night 5k miles later.

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Re: How many miles...

Post by ghaddon1701 »

15000 since last October in the Gti. Feels like I'm changing the oil every 5 minutes :D . Valve stem seals next weekend :)

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Re: How many miles...

Post by merlyn »

About 13k in the first year of owning mine, that includes several trips of 2-3 hundred miles as well as daily driving. Probably a lot less than I used to do in my meteor when I had a 30 mile commute each way.
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