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Thanks Des. I only had m/cycles as only transport for about 10 years and getting tyres right was pretty important. In fact I pretty much insist on a central groove on the front tyre to cut through the water. Rear is slightly less important but as it is so short wheelbase the front is clearing a contact patch for the rear on the whole. I ended up swearing by Pirelli's (Michelin M45 S41 on the Morini later Pirelli MT68) and still do on m/c s' (Dragons are great). The wheelbase of a car is much longer so a fair bit of the video makes sense. Still better in a straight line if the front clears for the rear surely? The key must be getting enough water clearance to get grip.

By trial and error I found 3mm a critical depth on car tyres. Glad to see 5th Gear etc also find similar in the wet. Strangely I could take the rear on a m/c much lower quite safely, probably because it has a more rounded profile. Also as the driving wheel you can feel it better on the throttle. Personal experience of Michelin (Pilots ugh!), Bridgestone (56/57), Avon, Metzeler etc.

I don't stint on tyres, as is often said , the only thing between you and an accident. Getting a good 'feel' through them is one of the most important things, then you can trust them.