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been lurking after joining a few weeks back, at the end of March i was given, for free a BX estate 1988 TRD 1.7 in white.
The car has 175k, but has been garaged and was a one owner car.
It came with 3 thick folders of history, and has had most of the usual jobs
done on it, both front struts, both rear arms replaced , some pipework, and a clutch 5k ago.

So the car is pretty much good for a few more years, so far I have had to
do the following, all spheres were gone, changed , with the aid of the GSF
tool for the rears , and the hammer and chisel for the accumulator, there is not much room to get the tool in. Fronts discs and pads, the radiator was the original, with a couple of leaks, so I replaced it. Oil and filter.
Running well , and enjoying the light sprightly feel of the BX.

The BX joins a Saab 9-5 estate, and a couple of Norton motorcycles, one in bits.
In the past I ahve owned a few Citroens, er, A Dyane, 2CV, GSX3, CX, Visa, and a Xantia TD before the Saab, our family connection is pretty good, my brother had a BXGTI for 8 years , and my father is in the C5
after a BX and Xantia, in the more distant past, my grandfather used to run 2 black DS , one had a man to drive it for him, and one was personal,
but thats what you got when you were French, and a very senior civil servant in charge of the French Autoroutes!
Also had a bit of a Renault thing in the past, 4, 4vanx2, 5,6,9,12,16, and Fuego! Oh and a few others VW Scirocco, Golf GTI and Passat etc
Funnily enough have never owned a Peugot.
I think I used to feel sorry for old cars and rescued them, but now have no off street parking or garage, so it has to be dry and I have to be fast when the spanners are out.
Anyway, a family limits he time I can spend playing with the BX, but I intend to keep it up together, even if I am not allowed to wash it in daylight. :wink:

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Welcome to the BX club :D
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Welcome along!
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Welcome to our growing ranks of happy BXers "finishthat", I hope you will find the club as useful as I have.

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Welcome aboard :D
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Hello and welcome! :D

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Hi there, welcome to the club.
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