Hello people

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Hello people

Post by BxTZDkyle »

Newbie just joined up Kyle 25 from Barnsley South Yorkshire have just purchased afew bx's 2 x tzd estates and a tzd saloon all 1.8 turbo.

I have always been into the xud engines having several highly strung 306's I have always been a lover of the bx gti styling so when a turbo diesel bx saloon came up I had to take a punt. The sale also included 2 estate models so I am hoping to sell one on to a friend to save and keep one for spares as they have all been off the road for several years so require work.

Atm it is a slow project in the garage when I have some free time nothing rushed. The saloon I am having for myself has a bad leak on the nearside front. So I am looking to replace all or most off the rubber pipes and tidy the badly faded bodywork up. Does also need some welding on the doorshuts is this a common problem?

Anyway I will mainly be after help with the hydraulic system and parts to buy for now . :)


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Re: Hello people

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Re: Hello people

Post by citsncycles »

Welcome, glad these cars have been saved and not just gone for scrap.

Where exactly on the door shuts does it need welding? The common areas for rust in this area is around the door hinges, the top of the sill at the front, the bottom of the B post and on the C post along the rear wing joint. This is all repairable and has been done by members here.

Return pipes are best bought from Citroen where possible - avoid GSF strut return pipes as thay are a waste of money. If it's leaking really badly it may be the strut itself that's leaking.
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Re: Hello people

Post by citronut »

hi and welcome
try not to let either of the estates be dismantled for parts, as estates are very popular,
citsncycles wrote: Return pipes are best bought from Citroen where possible
here is price and part No.'s for the OE leg return pipe and clip

Part Number Description Quantity Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT Total incl. VAT Selection
95622818 LEAK BACK HOSE 12.79 GBP 15.35 GBP 15.35 GBP

96127591 ADJUST COLLAR 4.52 GBP 5.42 GBP 5.42 GBP
citsncycles wrote: If it's leaking really badly it may be the strut itself that's leaking.
the other point that leaks at the N/S/F corner and a very easy fix, is the safety valve seapage return pipe,

you can see this at the back of the wheel arch just behind the front suspension arm rear bush/mounting, you also gain accessto the short return pipe from under the wheel arch

regards malcolm
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Re: Hello people

Post by electrokid »

Welcome Kyle - good luck with the projects.
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Re: Hello people

Post by nixiy »

Please don't murder the estates! They are the holy grail, and if you could restore one to reasonable glory, I will start saving up now. I promise, no more expensive pandora jewellery any more........
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