BX DTR starting issues

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BX DTR starting issues

Post by MC_sam »

Stupidly parked my BX on my steep drive a few months back with all working well with the car but with low fuel ready for me to put some love back into it over the summer.

I have gone to try and start it up again this week as I need to have access to the side of the house for some upcoming building works and it will not start.

I have put three fuel cans of fresh diesel in, charged the battery, primed the fuel pump (lucas i believe) still no joy.

It will fire up, turn over and start to rise before stopping again....so fuel related??

The fuel gauge is still on orange after those cans, will the slope be hindering the fuel getting to the engine.

Any ideas?

I'm am getting to a point where I may have to have the car towed due to lack of funds or time to work on it at the moment. Would be happy if someone wanted to take the car on as I would hate to see go that way :(

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Re: BX DTR starting issues

Post by Jaba »

The BX diesel pump gets its fuel by suction from the tank. It will suck in air if there are any leaks in the fuel line or if the fuel is very low.
If the Bx is parked facing uphill then the fuel pickup in the front of the tank will be partially starved of fuel and will pick up air as well, but only if the level is very low. As you have the fuel reserve orange light still on perhaps you will need to put in 10 to 20 litres of diesel in to get pure diesel pumped. Alternatively the steel fuel pipe from the tank to engine may have rusted through while not in use - you will not see it as only a small pinhole will allow air to be sucked in and give the symptoms you describe.
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Re: BX DTR starting issues

Post by Tim Leech »

Get it moved on to level ground is surely the easiest solution??
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Re: BX DTR starting issues

Post by rutter123 »

Try running a direct supply of fuel straight from a fuel can to the pump, you can do this with the return as well, this should eliminate any air leaks or corroded pioes or any other probs between the pump and tank, should the prob persist have you tried pumping the bellows to ensure the fuel pump is full of diesel??
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Re: BX DTR starting issues

Post by ken newbold »

My guess would be the fuel heater pipes (behind engine) common fault is bad joints as the rubber gets old and hard it lets air in and stops you running.
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