Low miles...

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Philip Chidlow
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Low miles...

Post by Philip Chidlow »

Just as a matter of interest, who's BX has the lowest recorded mileage (genuine, it almost goes without saying :lol: )?

My guess would be there isn't one with less than 30K... prove me wrong anyone? :D
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Post by sleepy0905 »

well mine has just turned 76400 Genuine documented miles. :lol:
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

i think either mike p or adrian fromt he 16v club has one in the high 40's! and i think there is another over there in the mid 50's!

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Post by peterbot »

My meteor is currently 49700. Was at 46000 when i bought it with full citroen service history and original sales reciept.

Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

My TZD had 42 on the clock when I bought it, it now has 63 but I have no idea if those are genuine miles, it may had had a dash pod or something.
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Post by Toddman »

My 16v is creeping up to 67k now but I know where there is a diesel BX in storage with under 30k on the clock think it is around the 27k mark not sure of the model but it is mint apart from having no windscreen in it at the moment.

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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Ian Fearns TZD has about 37000 on it!

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Post by Kitch »

Had an AX GTi at the beginning of the year on a K plate with 29k on it, but swapped it for an Activa :lol:

My 16v is on 103k. Dad's GT is around 186k, so I doubt thats going to win :wink:
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Post by cavmad »

Quite possibly Ian then, as Tim says he has recently bought a very low mileage one.
Deffo not me either, estate is just about to hit 160k!
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Post by Ian_Fearn »

Mine had done just 36k 4 weeks ago. Its up at 37500 now.

It feels like a new BX.
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Post by sleepy0905 »

I know what you meen Ian my old tgd had done nearly 200000miles so the TZS at 76400 feels just like new
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Mike P
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Post by Mike P »

56,500 on my '88 'F' Bx16v.

Mike P.
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Post by mnde »

61,000 on the eBay St Tropez just picked up from Hythe.

Indicated 78,000 on the eBay Meteor, actually around 89,000 because it ran for about a year with a failed speedo.

an indicated 164,000 on the other Meteor! Although, I have no documentary evidence, and I know at some stage it had a binnacle change because the speedo cable failed... owner couldn't be bothered to fix it and relied on the rev-counter to guess his speed... and then that packed up. So he said.


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Post by Baldbazza »

Kitch wrote:Dad's GT is around 186k, so I doubt thats going to win :wink:
Thanks Son. Hmm. So can I claim the prize for the highest mileage then, 186,972 ......? :P
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Post by citroen7 »

my sleeping gti has 84,000 which is genuine my daily estate (the pink one) has 68,00 but the speedo was disconnected when i bought it but i dont think it is to far out , the other estate on the drive has 134,000