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Looks like Ian's TZD is the lowest... but I remember seeing low(er?) mileage BXs on eBay (A St. Tropez and another 14?) recently. Where are they?
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160,000 - just run in :wink:

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Snap! Mine turned to dead on 160k as I arrived at the fun factory this morning! Fair play though it`s without a doubt the nicest, smoothest running diesel I`ve ever driven.
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42k on my 1990 Tzd
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Dunno If anyone's higher than me but I have 208k on the 19TD van...

admittedly it's not on the road just yet!
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Not sure what the phase 1's mileage is at the moment as I haven't seen it in a while. My Dad dug it out to tax it last week, and get it MOTd and he e-mailed me to say it's only done 1,408 miles between MOTs!

I know it's under 50k, and was under 40k when we got it with full SH from Citroen and all the bills/old MOTs.


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There is a bx 16 txi in olyimpic blue on a j plat with only 18,000 genuine miles it has all original tyres exhaust etc and has been waxoyled from NEW its MINT the owner kept it garaged permanent apart from a weekly spin round the block in the dry.
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rob-bx16v wrote:the owner kept it garaged permanent apart from a weekly spin round the block in the dry.
:?: :shock: :?

I could never do that with a car - it has to be driven, fiddled with, used and appreciated every day. I like to see minters dont get me wrong (put me at the NEC Cla$$ic car show with all the 70's stuff and Im in heaven), but I just could never keep one for "Sunday" myself no matter what it was.

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Mines done 49,000 if you count body milage, but then the engine has done 109,000 by now, so it doesnt really count


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Theres a TZD estate in Auto trader with 'less than 42,000 miles' £795 i'd love it but only to rack the mileage up

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Marty - you would have enjoyed the pep talk we G owners were given on Sunday. We were told to use our G's every day, because then components will wear out and need replacing - and then companies will bother to stock them, because there is a need.

The BX is at that danger point where they are being scrapped because they need minor work... but I think the argument still holds. Use 'em! Fix 'em! Keep using 'em!


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Well said Stuart


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stuart_hedges wrote: Use 'em! Fix 'em! Keep using 'em!
Exactly - only got rid of mine when either
a) well and TRULY knackered (like the ZX)
b) Written off

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for sure - I've scrapped cars too (and felt absolutely awful about it) but only when they were well and truly dead. The point of the pep-talk Brian gave us at the CCC National was that everyday use is fine, because it will encourage people like Rob Moss in the GS world - and someone like him WILL appear for BXs - to carry on their business of remanufacturing parts.

tim leech

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I scrapped a rather tired 16TRS once and felt awful for a year afterwards, ok I paid £10 fo it and it was leaking badly but i still scrapped a bx, NEVER AGAIN!