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Tyre Choice

Post by Ian_Fearn »

This subject has been done to death but i just thought i'd mention i've just bought 4 Yokohama 185 AVS's off MyTyres for £138.

I normally buy Michelin but have been put off by poor performance reports in the wet. This was mainly with the energy range which i had to agree was acceptable at best in the wet.

I went on an independant website and found the best rated tyres were either the Pirelli P6's (not P6000's) or these Yoko's. Well i've had Pirelli's before so i thought i'd give the Yoko's a try for a change.

I suspect long term life wont be that brill but at this price i'm not too fussed.
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Post by cavmad »

Not a great fan of Pirelli`s myself, just don`t seem to last long enough. Have you got a Costco near you Ian? They sell Michelin`s at a very reasonable rate, I think Vanny has used them in the past.
I can honestly say I`ve never owned a car long enough to wear new tyres out so I normally lump any old crap on (as long as they`re legal and visually safe).
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Post by docchevron »

I always used Michies untill I had a fairly new tyre explode while going round a corner. I then switched to UNIROYAL rallye 540's which are quiet, grip really well in the wet and seem to last very well, and they aint to expensive.
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

thats a good price there matey!
i have goodyears on mine and they are okay! i used to have Yoko's on it before and they were good until they got down in the tread! then they would break away in the dry! but my right foot is very heavy! :twisted: 8) :D

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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

I am on Uniroyals, wet grip is superb and they appear to be lasting well.
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