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Get a room! (father and son style :lol: )

As regards the engine I have to say yours does run like a sowing machine Chris. Mine was never sweet, but always went well. Having bent the crankshaft I had to rebuild mine and I've flukely done a good job of the bottom end. It's silent, maintains good oil pressure, never runs hot and thankfully doesn't leak.
The head on the other hand.....I thought it was all simple but I managed to balls up the tappets and now it's noisy and rattly. Still goes ok, but not as well as it should. Sensible option is to find another head, but I'm determined to overhaul the tappets and make this one right :lol:
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Post by Oscar »

But what a rubbish video - two headlights, two voices, black screen.

It'll probably win the Turner Prize.... :D
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It was dark!
Us men dont let things like lack of daylight get in the way of finishing a project!

30 minutes earlier it hardly ran at all, then after a bit of torch light fiddling it became utter beastage!

Was a bloody great weekend out too, Vanny's a fine host! and he got me a bit drunk!
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I agree with the doc's philosophy of building good reliable engines using skill and knowledge it is fast becoming a lost art.
I try myself to strip and rebuild as many parts of anything as i possibly can.
And the satisfaction of getting something working better than it did.
Especially when everybody else say's it's scrap.
Good on you DOC you are one of the few. 8)

Regards Kermit :) :)
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