Availability of BX parts

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Availability of BX parts

Post by crazywolf »

I dont know in UK whats hapening but in greece things start to be not so easy...
BX parts are hard to find, and I start wondering how easy and cheep will it be in future...
So I am in search of this spoiler and I really liked the air hole

Are stuff like that still available?

Also the side spoilers?
This body kit, to be short, is it available?


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Post by toddao »

I think it's not so hard to find parts with the internet these days. Also owing to the huge number of cars made there's not only loads lying in the scrapyards ( certainly in France) but stockrooms full of parts. One has to search or wait for them to appear on Ebay or use scrapyard search engines. Spotted on German Ebay the spoiler you want - brand new, he posts within Europe. Don't know what you mean by 'air hole' though!
Parts for Mk.1s are more of a worry. When the weather gets better I'll be trawling the French Scrapyards again.. :D

http://cgi.ebay.de/Citroen-BX-GTI-16V-H ... dZViewItem

this yellow writing is really hard to read