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Re Alan S

Post by tom »

I have heard that he is feeling poorly.
Alan, I hope you feel better soon.
Kind regards.

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Post by mat_fenwick »


I had noticed that he had been rather quiet of late...

If you are reading this Alan, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Post by cavmad »

All the best Alan, here's to seeing you posting on here again when you're up to it.
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Post by mountainmanUK »

From one ex-Accringtonian to another....

Get Well soon, Alan!


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Post by Way2go »

Yes, best wishes Alan !

Look forward when you're fit to your latest info on adapting R12 aircon to Greenfreeze in the UK without going R134a first. This seems to be the way to go from what you've found! :)
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Post by docchevron »

Indeed, very best wishes from me too mate, not a fat lot I can do from here, but my thoughts are with you mate.

Get well soon.
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Post by Jaba »

I can only echo what everyone else has said.
Good luck and good health Alan - Whatever the problem is the medics will give you the best treatment available.
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Post by DLM »

And best wishes from me too - Alan has always been a fount of knowledge, workarounds and good stories since I started posting on Citroen forums nearly ten years ago. All the very best.
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

As above, wishing Alan a speedy and full recovery.
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Alan S

Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hello Alan all the very best to you, get well soon. I miss your guidance and most of all a cracking sense of humour.
Hope your back soon mate.
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Post by Way2go »

jonkw wrote:Knowing AlanS as we do, he's a great fighter, and I'd like to think he'll get out of this one. Fingers crossed for the big fella.
Is there any news of how Alan S is responding to his treatment? Hopefully he is on a positive track now.

I've just suddenly lost my girlfriend to the big C before treatment could even commence so if this is what Alan has, then much depends on not only his undoubted resilience but it's early detection.

If you're reading this Alan, once again my best wishes for your recovery.
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Post by jonathan_dyane »

Really sorry to hear about your loss way2go.
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Post by MULLEY »

I can't even imagine what you've been going through way2go, my deepest respects on your loss.
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Post by mike st gilles »

Just seen this: all the best wishes, Alan.
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