True class...

Anything about BXs
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True class...

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This should make you turn green, so get the sick-bag ready : ... dZViewItem


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Chavtastic wheels...

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May not be to everbody's taste but you've got to admire the qualiy of the work!

Interesting he claims 165 BHP whereas we recon 160 is tops.


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Hmm, "different".
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I must admit that I have no "taste" whatsoever ......and I rather like it :P
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Are you sure they're alloy? look plastic to me.
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give the guy credit! the wheels are full chrome ones! shame there are no side pictures though! would be nice to see them!
i think there may be a bit of confusionover the power as he is quoting din not bhp, 160 bhp is 163din so he may have rounded it up a bit!
i like it!

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8) le Chavtastic 8)
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Origami in plastic and steel

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Mon dieu! le incroyable hulk! slightly more tasteful than some mais........
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I've said it before, I'll say it again.

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classic2cv wrote:8) le Chavtastic 8)

Surely you mean le Chavtastique :P

But seriously it is a well finished job but not to my taste although the front end looks very aggresive 8)

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tim leech

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There not all lockup are they, how can anyone do this and thisk it makes it look better! By the way why to LHD cars get another glovebox in the top of the dash and we dont? Answers on a postcard too..................

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By the way why to LHD cars get another glovebox in the top of the dash and we dont?
Because Citroen couldn't be bothered? Or perhaps it's to do with some aspect of the dash layout. For example, the lhd models have the fuses in the same place as the rhd models, i.e. on the left-hand side.
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