My TZD sporting new Irish reg

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My TZD sporting new Irish reg

Post by maxgreenwood »

I think it makes it look a little more French?

Thankyou to Citroen7 for the kind donation of some rear mudflaps, they really set it off.

A dealer here told me the TZDs were never available for sale new over here?.
I've seen a really good '92 hatch TZD on the road but thats it, maybe it was imported.

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Post by citroen7 »

yes they do look well just one thing missing from that back window .....aBXC sticker!

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tailgate black strip

Post by pindimar »

It's interesting to see that black strip across the tailgate just below the back window looking like that. I thought that only happened in the harsher sun regions. But here's a car in Ireland with the same kind of degradation of that this applied finish strip that you see. in the sun belt. Interesting to see that, If that car wasn't sold new in Ireland maybe it's been somewhere sunnier!