MK2 CITROEN BX 14 LEADER 1986 - For Sale - on 'E' BAY .

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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MK2 CITROEN BX 14 LEADER 1986 - For Sale - on 'E' BAY .

Post by RxBX »

Blimey another BX14 (A bit like buses! nothing for ages then two come along :roll: ) Starting at 99p and no reserve !
Link:- ... dZViewItem


Post by mountainmanUK »

Went for just £16 :shock:

I wonder how bad this was, considering it had been sitting in what looks like abit of a scrapyard for god knows how long, together with 3/4 other scrappers?

Was it anyone off here that snapped it up for spares?

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Post by Aerodynamica »

Perhaps a shagger but for £16 a bargain surely?
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Post by mountainmanUK »

Yep Graeme! Mind you, it was down in sunny Devon, which is a fair way to drag it, to anywhere civilised!!! (Apologies to any Devonians & Somersetians reading this :wink: )

Would be worth a lot more than £16 when broken down for spares....even if it was well past "saving"!

Just too far from me, logistically :(