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For Sale: BX DTR Reg G466 JYD.

Good condition, has had a lot of work done by previous owner who was a Citroen mechanic. 176000 miles. Now surplus to requirements. It is off the road with no MOT but is far too good to scrap.

Give me a ring on 01225 754547
or email me andrew.nortonhouse@talktalk.net

and offer me £150!


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Hi Andy

Do you have any pics and the vehicles location please?
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more info on this car, posted on behalf of the owner - Andrew.

> > I live in Trowbridge, Wilts. (01225 xxxxx)
> > I'm afraid it does have a sunshine roof but it does not leak, I never > open it.
> > I bought the car in March 2003 and I suspect I have done less than 500 > miles in it, my wife hates it).
> > The previous owner worked at a garage in Frome where they renovated > 2CV's. Mileage at purchase was 172395.
> At 152,000 miles a factory reconditioned fitted head was fitted. New > cam belt, reconditioned injectors, Reconditioned Turbo with new pipes, > Reconditioned gear box. New flexible front brake bpipes, exhaust > system, hand brake cables and new pads seem to have been fitted in > October 2002 six months before I bought it. The previous owner > advises that he also renewed some of the suspension pipes at the back.
> > There is no doubt he spent a small fortune on it. It is in quite good > nick for its age although the paint on the bonnet is peeling a bit.
> > It is very fast and goes well but, and I think this is the reason why > he sold it after spending so much on it, is that I think the > reconditioned head that he says he fitted is not level and exhaust > gases seem to get into the radiator. I goes OK but you need to top > the expansion water bottle up a bit.
> > The nprevious owner did not bother to tell me about the warped head.
> > All said and done it is well worth spending a bit on the head if you > are an enthusiast. I'm not, my wife sees to that!
>> Like I say, basically, the car is really good, it is just that I am not the one to enjoy it!

The car's too far away for me - plus it has a sunroof and i'd rather have more headroom. I'm wondering if it is somthing simple like rad cap, weeping hose or even heater matrix - the 'new' head did 20K okay. PM the owner for more info and he has a couple of photos too. Steve