HDi into BX

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HDi into BX

Post by franco-oz »

Has anyone put a late model HDI engine & gearbox into a BX? Is it a bolt in job like the older 1.9 turbo diesel or are there major changes required?

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Post by DavidRutherford »

I think "Major" changes is a fair understatement.

The electronic control required for the HDI engine is fairly extensive. Plus the Electric lift pump and the fuel cooler arrangement on the fuel return line.

not to mention the intercooler arrangement (if it's a 110), the electronic throttle cable, the different exhaust pipe arrangement, etc..etc..

plus about a thousand other little modifications you'll have to make.

Makes a 1.9TD engine seem like a far better idea.
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Franco -oz Its bound to be possible, but whether it would be worth the effort is probably down to the amount of time at your disposal and your expertise with electronics, the motor will doubtless fit the space but the ancilliaries would need to be sited somewhere, as Dave says there are a number of quite bulky systems that space would need to be made for, that said if you attempt to do this then please keep this forum in touch with what you are doing we may be able to assist and would certainly be very interested.
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