Rene's back!!!!

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Rene's back!!!!

Post by Calfskin »

You heard. Rene is now back covering all the roads in Fife. :D

He went through his MOT yesterday and passed with NO advisories! A first for me. Never have I had a car fly through an MOT! Even my last car, an '99 Astra failed.

And the garage I went to for the MOT was the one where I went before about the tracking who then said that it was because there was no fluid in the tank (it was the only garage able to fit me in yesterday) and they've just hired a guy who did his apprenticeship at a Citroen dealer in the '70s and knows both the GS and the BX like the back of his hand. He really does seem to know his stuff and I feel 100% more confident in taking him back there again.

So I'm a very happy chappy again with my favourite car back on the road. :)

RIP Rene, 1992 - 2006.
He was the best car I ever owned.
Stewart (oily!)
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

Nice one, I love it when there are no advisories, this year the BX, ZX and three Xantias under my care have all done that :) I must be getting good at something, mind you the tester has become a friend and appreciates a well prepared motor after the endless dogs with empty washer bottles and blown bulbs/bald tyres that seem to turn up, people seem to regard the MOT as a catch all instead of maintenance these days.
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Post by ken newbold »

Couldn't agree more Stewart, most people seem to use the mot stations as diagnostic centres.
The one I'm currently using has now started charging full price for re-tests and I don't blame them.
It was extra unpaid work for them and caused delays for the rest of us.
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Post by tom »

My man, who we'll call Mr Whitestick, doesn't miss a trick.
I know this. I also know that he doesn't expect to fail my cars.
Nothing personal you understand; just properly looked after.
Bloody good to hear that Rene is back on the rampage. Have fun!