My first BX...

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My first BX...

Post by R9UKE »


Picked up my first BX today, it's a 1992 BX 19 TXD. Tax and test until October and 126,000 miles. £300!! Also - at 18, am I the youngest BX owner?

Really glad to finally have one, absolutely loving driving it.

As you can see, it's got Saxo VTS alloys on it (not quite sure if I'll keep them) and the rear lights have been darkened. Looks pretty mean I think.

Just had 5 new spheres and everything seems OK.

Now a few issues. The brake lights don't come on until the pedal is well depressed - is there a way of adjusting it?
Also the fuel gauge is a bit hit or miss. It will suddenly receive the signal and go to where it's meant to be... but then drop back to empty!

Let me know what you think of it:


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Post by Defender110 »

Very nice, looks like a good un + my favourite colour.
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Looks great to me, personally I dont like the alloys but each to their own, the rear lamps are a bit TOO dark, im sure someone has a correct set of smoked ones, I do which your welcome too but im a bit far away.
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Post by richardd1652 »

Like the wheels.Car looks great!
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Post by scrappydoo »

Car looks good and I think the Saxo VTR wheels and the rear black out lights look great too! Only thing I'm unsure about are the smoked front indicators.

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Post by ken newbold »

Car looks good to me :D

Your brake light switch is located on the pedal box, get your head down in the footwell and you'll be able to see it, very easy to adjust :D

Your fuel gauge problem, lift up the rear seat and the insulation underneath. You should see 2 black plastic discs on the floor, lift up the one nearest the centre of the car, once up you'll see the top of the fuel float with a plug with wires plugged into it, take out the plug and clean the connections.
If this doesn't help you may need a new float, but I'm sure there'll be no problem sorting one out on here. :D

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Post by ragger »

Looks like a cracking bargain to me. Enjoy!

Rob :D

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Post by rayfenwick »

It looks great - congrats!

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Yup - one to be proud of.

Jacksun is possibly the same age as you...

Edit: Did it wrong

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Post by catsinthewelder »

Looks sweet 8)

I do like those rims, they really set it off.
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Post by jacksun1987 »

Im 23
The car looks great, Mines a black tzd with the smoked back lights.
But you have a great car there for 300 pound. When its a real hot day, Get it waxed oiled undernieth and in the seals.
Theres little plug things, Take them out pump the clear one in to them. Then do undernieth with the black stuff.
You might get some on the windows, When you are doing the seals. But just get some white spirte, To take that off
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Post by Mike E (uk) »


Yes I think you are probably the youngest member.

Good to see the youth of today with good taste!

Check the rear brake lights are bright enough, the units are very dark and you don't want someone bumping into the back of you!

A 3rd brake light on the rear window is worthwhile, I have one as my lights are quite dark too.

Lovely looking car- miles better than what I had when I was 18.

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Post by RogerPorter »

Hi Luke,

I met your car at the Irish CCC Rally in Portrush a month ago; its photo appears in this thread

I pointed out to Paul thats his stop lamps weren't working, he tried them and they were so i'm thinkning the tint on the back lights is a bit too dark for safety.

Good luck with the purchase and maybe see you around Belfast in it sometime :)
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Post by R9UKE »

Thanks for the replies, Ken, your tips are much appreciated I'll be checking that out very soon.

Roger, again, thanks for that link, glad to see my BX was a cherished one. The brake lights work when the pedal is completely depressed, the switch needs adjusting.

The struggle at the minute is getting insurance. Unfortunately I haven't been able to take her out yet and she's sitting in the driveway :(
The problem is having two cars, something which insurance companies don't ever consider for an 18 year old. Ideally a traders policy is needed as I buy and sell a lot, but so far no luck at all.

I'm dying to tour NI in my BX!

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Post by Lester »

Looking great...I think that the wheels suit it quite well.