very rare BX on eBay

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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very rare BX on eBay

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1988 BX 19 Gti 16v
1991 BX 17 TZD Estate
1991 BX 17 TZD Estate

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ken newbold
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Wow that is rare, I bet there's not many like that :shock:

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A 1.9 BX2CV.... Me thinks LSD is involved here..
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docchevron wrote:A 1.9 BX2CV.... Me thinks LSD is involved here..
Daft tw*t has put the reg number in wrong and ebay have loaded up the BX details, shame I was getting quite excited at the thought of another hearing aid beige beauty being around.

Even so you would have thought he would have proof read it first before clicking "LIST ITEM! :roll:

Registration Number : E536TWN
VIN VF7AZKA00KA288826 Exterior Colour CREAM AND RED
Registration Date 30/11/1987 Previous Registered Keeper 0
Engine Size 00602 Make CITROEN
Model 2CV6 DOLLY Model Year
Is Scrapped ? No Is Exported ? No
Is Imported ? No Scrapped Date
Exported Date No. of gears *
Transmission UNKNOWN Engine No. 0907010905
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