In for a service

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In for a service

Post by mnde »

This morning I took my BX to the local Cit specialist a stones throw away from where I work, for a oil&filter and drain/flush/refill coolant, pressure test and thermostat/fan switch test.

So I turns up and the conversation goes something like this:

"You're Mr Evans?"

"That's me"

(Stern look) "Where were you yesterday then?"

(Confused look) "Yesterday?"

"Yes, you were booked in for yesterday."

"I'm sorry, I was sure it was Friday..."

"No... (etc)"

The mechanic then proceeded to show me where he'd booked me in the diary for Thursday 5th.

"I'm sorry, I really thought it was Friday 6th."

"Well, we're up to our eyes in it, but I'll see what we can do."

So I went away feeling "what a bad start" - as this was the first time I'd taken a car here :(

Later on, back at work I had a rummage around and found the scrap of paper that I'd written on while booking with him on the phone, and checking directions to the workshop a couple of weeks ago. It plainly said "Friday 6th January"

Aha! :D

So during my morning break, to prove I wasn't going crazy, I walked down to the garage brandishing said piece of paper.

"Oh... I don't know how I did that...", he said.

That redressed the balance! :)

While I was there, he informed me that one of the rear radius arms was going... which was the source of the *crack* noise I noticed when I got in the car in the mornings recently... Ho hum. But he also says the thermostat is working fine.


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Post by cavmad »

At least (hopefully!) you`ll know the car is right when they`ve finished with it.
I`m sure their attitude and their bill will determine whether you go back or not.
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Post by Oscar »

Don't worry Mark, another few months on this site and YOU will be billing THEM for acting as a consultant, you'll be so highly qualified.

Just ask Tom, he says that I'm a "Confident Mechanic". I'm hoping to pass my "Bullshit Baffles Brains" module this year and become a "So-called Engineer" :D
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Post by Dollywobbler »

S'aright. When I spoke to my mechanichy friend about the cambelt on my 16 valve, I said it was a twin cam and he said "oh no, they never did a twin cam version." Wrong!

To be fair, it wasn't listed in his book either which fortunately forced him to go to a main stealer for a belt!

I guess that's what you get for only a £150 bill (he sorted a split driveshaft gaiter too).


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Post by tim leech »

Mechanics, they put the fear of god in to me, there mood determins how well they will fix your car oh and how expensively! I know ive worked in garages for 12 years!

Our local citroen is probably the worst, I enquired about the Xantias emissions fault, the said it could be the lambda (no thats new) a EGR valve or a cat. Both of which they want numerous hundreds to replace.

On checking on to there system they said oh yours is a 8v engine and doesnt have a EGR valve! :shock: Hmm I told you that last week when I rang up the first time I thought to myself. Can you ask anyone in your workshop if they no of any inherant faults?, answer was, NO Xantias are a bit old now and we dont work on them much and as the mechanics are all relativly new they wouldnt know! :roll:

You wonder why the motortrade has such a reputation!

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Post by tom »

Why else do you think we're here? :)