What Every BX Needs.

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What Every BX Needs.

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Stick them on your BX, your wifes Xantia / Blingo / 205, your caravan, your shed window, your mates car when he isnt looking - buy them in bulk and use them to flypost other BX's. Its this weeks must have accessory for the discerning BX owner.

£1 each including postage & packaging (for bulk orders of 10 or more please email me.)

I will be shipping some off to Mr.JKW, but for now send me a PM and I will get back at you....
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you got a paypal account? I figure i might get a load of you and distribute them round wales while im at it!

You gonna come for these wheels marty? Or shal i bring them to you?
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I want one, and I want it now :)
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I NEED one now!

Cheque is in the post
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Well done Marty!

The post is in the Czech, as Vlad the Impaler said.

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I've got one now :D