OOOps I've done it again.. No. 3

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OOOps I've done it again.. No. 3

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So went to look at another BX today that was for sale...justifying the exercise as an excuse for a nice 6 hour drive if nothing else...

and now i own 3 :roll: this stage it is strictly a parts/donor car...this one an 87 TRi

This car is a mechanical treasure chest with lotsa sweet bits to harvest as required. Not only saving much moula ultimately, but the sheer actual availability of the bits a huge plus too..

Drives very well from a brief but thorough test. I was surprized how much smoother the injected car was to a carb model.. however the body is rough (although straight and rust free)...poor paint..hail damage, bumper "customising"..and the interior is pretty grubby and uninspiring.

So I am hoping I dont weaken and decide not to break it up but I could still find a dozen reasons to keep it all in "one piece" . So I pick it up in a week or so once I have worked out the logistics..

Meanwhile the TRS, (sensing more competition for attention was afoot) decided to perform like I've never experienced. It was quite uncanny..little 1.6 carb auto pulled like a train, ride was glorious and rewarding, and handling (especially down a notoriously steep winding section of road) was enormous fun factor...everything seemed to come together quite miraculously. Not only that but returned 6l/100 from quite a lot of hard work.. :shock:

Who says that cars dont sense things??
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